Film Diary 🎞️

Autumn 2021

You know the story from that pilferer Star Wars: The One finds his calling as foretold in prophecies during a war between imperialist nouns trading colonialist nouns, plus giant worms. In the hands of a Proper Director™, Denis Villeneuve gives the unfilmable Frank Herbert novel arresting visuals, a hypnotic soundtrack, and almost a cohesion to boilerplate sand-planet sci-fi saga bullshit. This was an easy watch - I’m surprised how I ended up caring about son-of-a-king Paul’s plight. And so I look forward to the sequel, while still wishing death to an outdated genre. ***½

Marvel at the mediocrity. **

The French Dispatch
Much like Quentin Tarantino’s equally throwaway Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Wes Anderson delivers cheerful offcuts; a love letter to the world he inhabits, untroubled by anything beyond his art. ***

The Harder They Fall

Halloween Kills
A deliberately chaotic, first draft as final draft mess that’s all setup, no purpose. David Gordon Green’s continued retconning of 1981-2009 but stitching back on the elements and deaths he likes has turned Michael Myers into Frankenstein’s monster. *½

No Time To Die
The “world has changed around you, Mr Bond” pentalogy ends in a pleasing fashion. Okay, the plot’s a bit thin, I’m struggling to recall a standout action sequence barely hours later, and Rami Malek could be the most forgettable villain in the series’ history, but I was back in a cinema having my senses overloaded by glorious IMAX and that’s the important thing. Despite a definitive ending, one which perhaps weighs too heavily on the preceding events, it leaves Bond deep in unknowns. Was this an apology tour for his past international playboy indiscretions, or for what’s to come when he reverts to a Brexited vision of glamour? For now, I just want James to forgive himself, even if he was responsible for Quantum of Solace. ***